Coronavirus (COVID – 19) & Brexit Developments in North Cyprus

Cabinet of Ministers imposed total curfew in North Cyprus due to breakout of Coronavirus (COV-19) pandemic. The government successfully adopted the best level of health measures in North Cyprus to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COV-19) among the Northern part of the island. Despite the dramatic economic and legal challenges experienced during the pandemic, the North Cyprus proved a significant example of crisis management. The pandemic is expected to affect the business operations and activities around the world irreversibly, especially in major economies there will be significant changes which will be reflected to daily life of individuals and business operations. North Cyprus has significant personal income and corporate income tax advantages for the businesses and individuals. Moreover, North Cyprus has huge economic potential; the market was expected to have national growth of 3.6% in the year of 2020 and 4.4% in the year of 2021. The effective and successful management of pandemic crisis opened further opportunities for the North Cyprus, the market is now expected to have further foreign investment as a part of economic environment aftermath of the pandemic and Brexit. In the wake of these opportunities, individuals and companies seek to have high quality of legal support and services.

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