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Dogu Abidin Law Firm has been one of the top firms in North Cyprus for 15 years. Our team of highly experienced lawyers and legal experts are dedicated to provide the best legal service as reflected to our prominent position and reputation in North Cyprus. We deal with the every aspect of legal services included in our areas of practice.

Our reputation is closely linked to our philosophy, we have been leading law firm due to our integrated values we provide to our clients. In our opinion, trust, confidentiality and solution oriented approach comes at first.

Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Family and Divorce Law, Company Law, Contract Law, Inheritance Law, Company Formation in TRNC, Branch Establishment and International Business Company Formation, Administrative Law, Commercial Laws, Constitutional Law, Europe Union and Public Law, Competition Law, Certification of trademark, trademark applications, trademark infringement cases, copyright infringement cases, tax law cases, accounts and books dispute cases, information and technology law, cyber crimes, tax law consultancy, well known trademarks, international trade law, international and offshore company formation, transport and maritime law, carriage of goods, Administrative and Criminal Jurisdiction Law, Immovable Property Commission cases, Registry Amnesty cases, Custody, Object Correction, Divorce, Compensation, Civil Wrongs, Land Violation (trespass) border detection and border lawsuits, Tax Law, Property Law, Execution and Bankruptcy Law, defendants and suspects Rights, Obligations Law, Cyprus and the mutual recognition and enforcement of the provisions and verdicts obtained in Turkish Courts (Republic of Turkey), recognition and certification of divorce orders taken in TRNC  and/or in Turkey, judicial assistance, forensic death investigation to related lawsuits, evacuation cases, rent determination cases, cases of rent receivables, preparation and implementation of all types of commercial contracts including sales and lease agreements, movable and immovable property purchase and sale transactions, transfer and mortgage transactions before the land registry offices, border corrections, works and applications for decisions of the Council of Ministers regarding the purchase of land by foreigners in the TRNC. Immovable property permit applications, residence and term residence permits, business establishment permits, the provision of Articles of Association and Memorandum, performance of all procedures related to trademark, patent license, intellectual-industrial rights, license, leasing and patent, moreover we do provide legal advisory services on legal and administrative matters in TRNC and in all matters related to implementation, Labour law cases, return to work cases, land disputes, disputes related to border and border violations, appeal proceedings, prohibition, certiorari and mandamus appeals before the High Court, overturning unauthorized detentions, remand trial requests, change of guarantee , collateral cancellation and collateral return applications, preparation and follow-up of criminal complaints petitions, complaint follow-up before the police departments, presence of the suspects in the presence of the police, legal consultancy and consultancy service to legal persons and companies, all kinds of power of attorney and authority document, will enforcement and enforcement proceedings, all kinds of bonds, policies, promissory notes, preparation of all commercial instruments and precious documents, finance law, legal aid applications, administration, guardianship, legal trustee service provision, government departments, legal consultation services in the performance of all procedural works before the private and official institutions and organizations, the case of disputes arising from insurance policies and traffic accidents and related insurance lawsuits, maritime law, enforcement-bankruptcy law, establishment of liquidation desk, auditor appointment, condominium and floor easement installation, lawsuits related to apartment dues, individual cob (title deed), appeals, segmentation, division and consultancy services and procedures for follow-up, receivables and debates, paternity cases, lawsuits for the correction of the object, lawsuits, interim measures and interim applications, applications for the cessation of enforcement in administrative cases, applications for cessation of execution and cancellation of the judgment (reinstatement of the case), re-enforcement applications, lawsuits and applications to be a party in any legal dispute, can be made as a lawyer before the state offices. Services for official follow-up, investigation and representation of research and administrative procedures and files related to all kinds of legal affairs and applications, conditional release and legal follow-up of all other suspects and defendants’ rights, civil law and personality rights cases, all kinds of works for release, release and delivery of the debt. Agency contracts, articles of association and memorandum preparation, the execution of lawsuits and applications related to the amendment of the articles of association and court decisions, and all kinds of capital increase and capital reduction transactions in companies, board of directors and all other decisions, Registration and certification of such decisions before the  Companies Registrar, performance of all kinds of pledge transactions, performance of formation procedures and name polling procedures in any company organization.

Our team is competent with English Common law system, the Civil European Legal System, and with the European Union Law, in addition to our team, we do have highly experienced solution partners who work on ECHR and International Arbitration cases.

Due to the political and geographical situation of our country, TRNC citizens experience hurdles at administrative applications and procedures in the Republic of Cyprus, we act and handle these procedures accordingly by the help of our network of lawyers and law firms that we work together in the Republic of Cyprus.

Our firm

Dogu Abidin Law Firm has been one of the top firms in North Cyprus for 15 years. Our team of highly experienced lawyers and legal experts are dedicated to provide the best legal service as reflected to our prominent position and reputation in North Cyprus. We deal with the every aspect of legal services included in our areas of practice.

Our vision

Doğu Abidin Law Office has been registered under the 516 registration number under the Kyrenia Bar Association with the Supreme Court in TRNC, and consists of a young, dynamic and disciplined team harmonic experienced in its field for 15 years. Our law firm consists of highly skilled lawyers with widely experienced in different fields, secretaries and research assistants. For our firm values come at first, our foremost priorities are communication, trust, integrity and confidentiality. We shape our legal practice with our vision of values.